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How accountants can lead digital change

In business, trust is everything. Yet 70% of small businesses would not recommend their accountant, and a third suggested avoiding them completely, according to a new poll of 1,500 UK SMEs. The entrepreneurs surveyed said accountants don’t understand their business, are flummoxed by technology, and are too expensive.

Why CBA's latest bank app could kill Robodebt

Analysis: The ATO can use real time bank data to make compliance easy. Centrelink should too. On the sidelines of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia’s media launch of its new banking app, the head of digital for Australia’s largest bank, Pete Steel is thinking, and choosing his words very carefully to an awkward question.

Who’s holding the digital purse strings?

But the banks issuing those cards – that is the banks whose actual customers owned the cards and who issued those customers the credit – quickly realised that 47-odd square centimetres of plastic was valuable real estate. Consumers would see their brand every time they reached for the card.