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A digital-ready public service: learning from Canada

As in Australia, the Canadian public service is trying to keep up with technological change and changing customer expectations—all while competing with the private sector for skilled technologists. It’s a problem facing many governments. How can the public service attract and retain people with up-to-date digital skills?

Digital is more than sprucing up your website

There's still a perception out there that digital transformation is about things like having a website, maybe creating an app, and having some social media activity going on. It's not only small businesses that have a constricted view of digital technologies, but some big companies are also lagging, according to a report released late last year by the Office of the Chief Economist.

Why Digital Matters?

In the room I am sitting in at the Australian Communities Foundation, listening to Dr Lucy Bernholz talk about digital technologies and governance, all hands, bar one, are raised.